Virtualization Systems for Businesses


Virtualization is the transition from traditional IT Infrastructure to a virtualized environment, either whole or in part. I offer IT CARE offers a range of virtualization services to meet the needs of different organizations - from small scale implementations such as the virtualization of software applications through to large scale implementations involving the virtualization of a server or multiple servers. Virtualization is ideal for organizations that are looking to simplify operations and increase resilience, and take steps towards maximizing the opportunities and efficiencies offered by Cloud Computing.

Virtual Servers

A Virtual Server is a piece of software which emulates a physical server. The virtual server operates in the same way as a physical server, without the physical presence. A collection of virtual servers is known as a hypervisor – a piece of software that allows several virtualized servers to run at once. A hypervisor can be used to run a virtualized complex desktop, and makes virtual desktops accessible through a thin client.

Server Virtualization Benefits.

No maintenance, as the virtual server provider takes cares of upgrades, updates and servicing.

Reduced energy consumption, as there is no excess power needed for physical servers, or the air conditioning needed to cool them down.

Pay as you go, rather than large expenditures associated with owning hardware and servers.

Easier to move towards Cloud Computing after installing a virtual server.

Virtualizing your server makes backing up and disaster recovery much easier.

Desktop Virtualization Benefits.

Increased flexibility

Simplified management

Enhanced security

Centralized control

Remote access to application and data

Disaster recovery

Cost saving