Networking - LAN, WAN, VPN

Virtual Door can assist you in designing a Network-Computing Infrastructure from the ground up or can provide advice on upgrading an existing network.

After designing a suitable Data Network Solution, Virtual Door will devise a thorough Installation Plan. An installation plan will take into account your organisation's hours of operations and any other special needs you may have. Our relationship with top-tier Hardware and Software Vendors ensures that we have access to the latest Networking Products at the best prices.

The networks function as Local Area Network (LAN's) connecting Computers together in an Office Environment in a Building

To access your Company Network from home or away from the office, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is used to provide Secure, Encrypted Network Communication between a Network and a Remote Host or other Remote Network over the Public Internet.

Wired / Wireless Networks

File / Printer Sharing & security

Firewall, Switch, Router and WAP devices installation and configuration.

We offers a professional cabling service to ensure that all your cabling needs are met. Cabling and associated services include:

LAN / Office Cabling - installed in ducted and non-ducted premises

Structured Cabling Service for building Back-Bone

Moves, adds and changes to your existing Cabling Infrastructure

Cable patching and patch panel installations